The Muddy Wheel at Grumpy's

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So it’s been a while since we’ve played a Saturday night crowd, and there’s no better spot than downtown Montreal at Grumpy’s where the original music is as good as it gets and we can assure you that by the end of the night you will have made some new interesting friends. Join us for a late magical journey of Americana where you just might be left sayin to your best bud… You: Well I didn’t think I was ever gonna do that… Best Bud: I really didn’t think you knew what you were doing, but you looked like you were enjoying it so I just let you go… You: The music was awesome, the people were so interesting and friendly… I was having a great time Best Bud: Guess you can scratch that off the list You: You think that was on my list?!! Best Bud: Listen, you did it... it’s done... we will never speak of it You: Thank you Best Bud: Except when your first born is old enough and you’ve made a fortune you can be blackmailed for. You guys get the picture ;)

  • Date: 20/08/2016 10:00 PM
  • Location: Grumpy's Bar, montreal (Map)